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International Shipping Directory has been established as a meeting place for those who can supply international shipping services and those who are seeking such services. The global firms found in our list specialize in national and/ or international shipping services for both private and commercial cargo.

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This international shipping directory by has been arranged in such a way as to ensure that you the buyer can find a number of professional air, sea or road freight cargo companies from which to entrust your consignment.
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Now that you have found suppliers of logistics services for your next international shipping requirements, it is in your best interest to compare their rates, services, levels of expertise as they may or may not pertain to your shipment, all the while feeling confident in the safety of your goods.

International Shiping Message Board:

  • National business movers in Thailand

    Good evening. My company, Jackson Consulting Partners, is going to be expanding and is in need of help with the move. We are on the East side of Thailand now and are moving to a larger office space on the West side so the distance of the move is no ...

  • National office movers in Pakistan

    Good day all! Given that our company, LTZ Technologies, is going to be upgrading our office, we need to find some national office movers to help us move to the new place. We are currently located in Karachi but are going to be moving to a much larg ...

  • Household National movers in Macedonia

    My request is not urgent, as I do not anticipate making this move until the next couple of months. Yet, I want to begin accepting information from companies who are household national movers in Macedonia. I think the sooner I begin my research, the b ...

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