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Household National movers in Macedonia

Posted by: Marc Hanselanstin

My request is not urgent, as I do not anticipate making this move until the next couple of months. Yet, I want to begin accepting information from companies who are household national movers in Macedonia. I think the sooner I begin my research, the better decisions I will be able to make about my move. Please inform me of how you can complete this move. What I would like to know when I ask this question, is will your company provide the packing services? Or will I do the packing? Will your company also provide the unpacking service? Or is this something I will do? Also, when would you be available to begin this move, and how long will it take you to complete? The move will begin and end within Macedonia, so there is not a great distance to cover. I will appreciate it greatly, if you will send information about your company's moving services to my email address.