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Household National movers in Oman

Posted by: Jahleel Atiyeh

Next month, I am moving to Muscat, Oman, from my current residence at Paris, France. I have the international movers arranged. However, I must make arrangements with household national movers in Oman, who can complete my move once my belongings arrive at Oman. When will your company be available to pickup my shipment and deliver it to my new home? How long will it take you to deliver it once you have picked it up at the terminal? How much will you charge to complete my move in Oman? Does this charge include unloading my belongings at my new home? Or will this be an additional charge? Will your employees take the necessary care so as not to damage any of my possessions? What happens if they do damage something? Will you pay for this damage? Will you pay for it directly? Or will I have to wait for your insurance to pay? I will appreciate your supplying this information to my email account as soon as possible.