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Household National movers in Jordan

Posted by: Ala al din Moghadam

Hello and thank you for reading my inquiry about household national movers in Jordan. I am moving from Amman, Jordan, to Petra, Jordan. I would like to have this move completed by the middle of next month. Is it possible for your company to work within this time? How soon can you begin working on my move? If you will send a representative to my current residence, will they be able to provide me with an estimate of the cost of this move? Will they also be able to tell me when you will have my move complete? Is either of these estimations binding? Does your company sell moving supplies, and how much is the cost of these moving supplies? Since I am contacting you through this forum, please send your company's moving information to the contact information I have included here. I review this email account many times each day, so I will notice when your information arrives. Thank you for sending this information.