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Household National movers in Peru

Posted by: Jerry Fernandez

Next month, I must move from Tacna, Peru, to Lima, Peru. This move is due to a family illness that requires me to be nearer my relatives. I am here to ask about household national movers in Peru who can complete my move within a reasonable time. By reasonable, I hope to have this move complete within the next couple of weeks. Can your company complete my move in this time frame? How must I pack my furnishings and other belongings for this move? I ask due to some of the rough roads that we must cross over and I do not want anything damaged because I did not pack properly. Can I purchase boxes and other moving supplies from your company? How much will that cost, or is this included in the overall moving price? How soon can your company begin working on this move? Will you send someone out to my current home and provide me with an estimate of how much you will charge? Will this be a binding estimate? I will appreciate your contacting me through this forum. Thanks.