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Household National movers in Liechtenstein

Posted by: Lando Ragonese

Hello and thank you for replying to my questions about household national movers in Liechtenstein. I am moving from Rome, Italy, and I need movers in Liechtenstein who can complete my move. I already have the movers scheduled to begin the move, as well as to deliver my furnishings to Liechtenstein. I simply need to arrange for a moving company to pickup my shipment at the customs warehouse and deliver it to my new home. Is this possible for your company to do? How much will you charge me to complete my move? Will your company unload and unpack my belongings at my new home? I does not really matter about the unpacking as I can complete that during my free time. Will your company reimburse me for the padding that is used to protect my furniture during shipping? This will be added by the moving company that loads my belongings and they will have already charge me for this. I just want to be sure that I receive what I have paid for. Please email me your company's information package and I will contact you shortly thereafter.