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Household National movers in Malaysia

Posted by: He-ping Chiao

Hello and thank you for reading my forum post. I am here to request information about household national movers in Malaysia. If your company can complete my move for me within the next month, I ask you to please email me your company's information about your moving services. Can I purchase moving supplies from your company? Or must I buy these items from another source? When you send your information, will you include an estimate that is typical of most of the national moves here in Malaysia that you have completed? I want to have this move completed within the next 30 days. Is your company available to work within this time frame? Is it possible for your company to complete this move without any damages occurring to any of my possessions? How will you protect these items from damage? I would like to receive this information to my email address that I have provided with this forum. Oh, and on other question for now is will you include your contact information in this initial information? I would prefer to communicate with someone with the finer details. Thanks.