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Household National movers in Guinea

Posted by: Cyprien Demoranville

My inquiry is directed to household national movers in Guinea. So if there are any company representatives reading this, I ask that you send your company's information to the contact information recorded with this forum. If you will also send this information as soon as possible, I will appreciate it as I must have this move completed within the next 3 weeks. My move includes the furnishings of a two bedroom apartment. Each of the bedrooms is fully furnished, and I also have a standard living room set as well. There are also the contents of my two car garage that must be packed and moved as well. Does your company offer packing services? Or at the very least, do you provide the boxes and other packing supplies? It is okay if I must purchase the boxes, as I need at least 30. When will your company be ready to start work on this move? Will you be able to provide me with a quote in your initial email? Or will you have to send someone over to my home before you can provide that estimate?