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Household National movers in Paraguay

Posted by: Delmer Santiesteban

I am planning to move from Limpio, Paraguay to San Ignacio, Paraguay, next month. I am here to ask for information from household national movers in Paraguay who can provide me with this important information. My current residence is a two bedroom dwelling that is on the ground level. I have but one bedroom and one bed, and few other furnishings in the bedrooms. I also have many loose items that will require packing. If your company can supply the packing materials, I can do the packing. How much will you charge me for the packing materials? While I ask about cost, please tell me how much you will charge me to complete this move? Although I plan to move next month, I want to have the moving arrangements already in place before. How soon will you be able to begin work on this move? And how long will it take you to complete it? I appreciate your sending me this information. I will look for it in my email's inbox.