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Household National movers in Guam (US)

Posted by: Steve Baxter

I am searching for household national movers in Guam (US) who can complete a move for me next month. I am essentially moving from one side of the island to the other. But I lack the necessary vehicle that would permit me to do this move myself. That is if I had the time to do it anyway. Does your company provide packing services? If I hire you to pack my belongings, will you take care so as not to break or lose anything? Will you pack everything with the proper padding? How much will you charge for this service? Are the boxes and any other packing supplies included in this price? How much will you charge to move the furnishings of a two bedroom house from one side of Guam to the other? Please include in this total cost the cost of your packing everything also. When will you be available to begin working on this move? And once you have everything packed and loaded onto your moving vehicle, how long will it take you to complete the move?