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Household National movers in Egypt

Posted by: Hibatullah Basara

I am planning to move in the coming month and I am asking for information from household national movers in Egypt. The time is come for me to be nearer to my family. I have considered this for sometime and although I do like living in Alexandria, my home is at Luxor. How much time will it be before your company will be available to begin this move? Once you begin work, how long will it take you to complete it? How will you properly prepare my possessions for this move? I plan to do much of the packing if your company can supply the packing materials. But I will need your expertise in knowing how to prepare them. What are your charges for your packing service? For that matter, what are your charges for completing this move? Will your company complete the move once you begin? Or will you assign a part of this move to a different company? Please include as much information in this email as possible. I will also like to have someone at your company that I can contact. So please send your contact information too.