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Household National movers in Estonia

Posted by: Lubochka Dolinski

Within the coming month, I plan to move from my current home at Voru, Estonia, to what will be my new home at Karu, Estonia. Due to my work schedule and also my lack of a truck, I am here to ask for information from household national movers in Estonia who can complete this move for me. How soon can you begin to work on this move? Will you have this move completed before the end of the coming month? I have to pack all of the items that are in my two bedroom house. I must also pack everything that is in my one car garage as well. Can your company provide packing service? How much do you charge for that service, and are the packing supplies included in that charge? Will you charge extra for the large tool cabinet that is in my garage? I can remove the tools and pack them, but the tool cabinet is quite large. I will look forward to receiving your company's information in my email's inbox. Please include a contact so that we may communicate the various needs for this move.