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Household National movers in Indonesia

Posted by: Paul Brown

Good day! My employer is transferring me to one of our branches in Indonesia. This makes the third transfer that I have experienced within the past three years. However, this time will be different and I must move all of my possessions. It is with this in mind that I must ask for information about household national movers to Indonesia. I am unconcerned with moving from my current location at Melbourne, Australia, as I have already contracted a moving company to perform this task. However, what I must arrange is for a moving company in Indonesia who can complete this move once my possessions have arrived. I would like to have a quote of how much your company will charge to complete this move. I would also like to know your time estimate as to when your company will complete the move as well. Please include your company's moving information to my email address. I think that will be the best method for us to establish contact and we can proceed from there. Thank you for responding to my inquiry.