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Household National movers in Turkey

Posted by: Murat Osman

I seek the services of a reputable household national movers in Turkey who can assist me in completing a move that I have planned for next month. I would like to know how soon you will be in a position to start working on this move. This move will take place between Ankara and Sivas, Turkey. I am both tired of the city, and I want to return to my original home to be nearer to my family. As you can notice, this move is permanent and I will need to take all of my possessions with me. Therefore, all that I own in this two bedroom house that includes an upstairs, will be packed up and moved. How much will you charge me to complete this move? I have many ornamental fixtures and some of them are very fragile. How will you protect my fragile possessions from being broken during this move? Will you provide proper padding for the boxes they are to be packaged in? When will you be able to finish this move? I still have many questions, so please send me your moving information and I will contact you back soon.