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Household National movers in Iceland

Posted by: Bjork Engelstad

Hello and greetings. I seek the services of household national movers in Iceland. Within the next three weeks, I plan to move from my present home in Reykjavik and move to Arborg, Iceland. If your company will send me your information about how you can assist me with this move, I will appreciate it. The move is not a great distance, but it will be much nearer to my work. This will save me much time in my daily drive. I have a modest two bedroom apartment, and I am looking forward to moving into a three bedroom house. Can you provide me with how much you will charge to complete this move? I plan to pack everything on my own, but if you supply the boxes and other packing supplies, that will be great. Is there an additional charge for these boxes and packing supplies? When could you begin this move, and how soon will you have it completed? I do appreciate your replying to my questions and I will watch my inbox for your information packet. Thank you.