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Household National movers in Chile

Posted by: Melibea Aguado

I must move from my home here in Temuc to Santiago next month and I need information about household national movers in Chile. Please contact me as soon as possible as I want to have these moving plans completed within the next couple of weeks. Please include the information you may typically send to new movers, as well as your answers to my questions I have posted here. Do you have a standard moving rate that applies for moves within the distance between Temuc and Santiago? What are your extra charges, such as packing supplies, boxes, loading and unloading, and so forth? I estimate I will need at least 30 boxes. How much will that cost? Are there additional charges for having more than one level? When will your company be available to begin this move and when would you complete it? As you can observe, I have many questions. This is why I have sought professional advice on this move. I will appreciate your sending this information to my email address as I have included here. Thank you.