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Household National movers in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Posted by: Boguslawa Gartzke

I am planning to move from Slovenia within the next 2 or 3 weeks. Since there are no movers at my location who can handle the job, I am here to ask for information about household national movers in Bosnia-Herzegovina who can complete the job. It is not that I have a lot to move. It is that I need a company that can complete the job from beginning to end. My current home is a three bedroom, two story house that has been my home for a few years. I am not moving because I dislike living here. I am moving to be nearer to my family. During this time, I have accumulated an assortment of small collectible items that I must pack before the move. Do you provide the boxes and especially the padding so that I can pack these small items so they will not be damaged during the move? If so, then how much do you charge for that packing materials. I am thinking that it may be better for me to ask you to send your company's moving information for me to review. I can contact you then. Thank you.