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Household National movers in Ukraine

Posted by: Kostyantyn Baranski

Thanks for providing me with a place to post my questions about household national movers in Ukraine. Next month, I intend to move from my home here in Rivne, Ukraine to my new home which will be in Poltava. This will be my first move away from Rivne, and I have many questions about how it is best to do this. I trust there is someone who visits this forum who can respond to my inquiry. Please tell me how much it will cost for you to move between these two cities. I presently live in a three bedroom house that is two stories tall. Each bedroom has full furnishings, and I also have many items that I must pack. If you provide the packing boxes and supplies, how much do you charge extra for this? Will you include the padding that will keep my furnishings from becoming scratched and / or damaged during the move? How soon will you have this move completed?