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Household National movers in Slovenia

Posted by: Kalisto Manzoni

I need information about household national movers in Slovenia who can complete a move from my current location here in Vienna, Austria. I am not really sure where to begin as this seems like such a big task. Does your company offer packing services? I ask this so that my possession will be properly packed and will not become damaged at some point during the move. However, if you will only provide the packing supplies, I can package everything myself if I must. My current residence is a two bedroom house that only has one full sized bed and the accompanying furnishings. The spare bedroom has only storage space that I have filled for the past few years. This is what I have requested either packing or boxes to do. When will your company become available to begin working with me on this move? Can you have this move completed by the end of next month? I realize I have many questions, so if you will be so kind as to include your contact information in with any information you send so that we may discuss this further. Thank you for your efforts in doing this.