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Residential National movers in Slovakia

Posted by: Abinia Chekovski

I am here to ask for information about residential national movers in Slovakia. My anticipated moving schedule is by the end of this month. Will your company be available by then? My move is from a two bedroom house here in Poland. Fortunately, this house is a one story home so it should make the move somewhat easier since there are no staircases. Does your company provide storage boxes? Do you also provide the padding that is necessary to protect my furniture? How much extra does this cost? Will you be available to package my belongings? If so, how much will that cost? If you do the packaging, how long will it take you to complete that? Also, when will you expect to complete this move? Are there any documents that I must have prepared to cross over into Slovakia with my possessions? As you can see, I have many questions for this is a big move for me to do and I need your professionals to complete it. I will say thank you for sending me your company's information to my email address.