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Residential National movers in Singapore

Posted by: John Xiang

Hello and thank you for reading my forum posting. I need information about residential national movers in Singapore from a company that provides this service. I am simply moving from one side of Singapore to the other, so this should be a fairly simple move for you to complete. However, I would like to have this move completed within the next two weeks. Is this schedule a possibility for your company to meet? Also, when would you expect to complete this move? Please send me your current pricing information on how much you will charge me to move a two bedroom apartment. I should add there is only one bed for you to move. However, I have many loose items that will require packing. Does your company provide the boxes and other packing materials? How much extra do you charge for these packing materials? I do not have the space to list all of my possessions here. So will you please send your company's information to my email address? Thank you for supplying me with this information.