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Residential National movers in Romania

Posted by: Harmon Polanski

Next month, I plan to move from Gdansk, Poland to be nearer to my family. So I am here to request information about residential national movers to Romania. Is your company able to complete the move from beginning to end? My present home is a three bedroom house that is on the outskirts of Gdansk. It is a two story house, that I actually like living in. Perhaps I should let you know the staircase is a little cramped so there are a few things to move that will require some effort. The queen sized mattress and box springs are two of those things. I have many, many heirlooms to pack. Does your company include packing boxes and other materials? Is their cost included in your cost of moving, or is this an additional charge? Would you have an estimate as to when you can begin work on this move? And would you also estimate when you will have this move completed?