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Household National movers in Qatar

Posted by: Paul Baine

Good day! I am, or rather, I will soon become a British expatriate. Which simply means that I will be working in a different country than any of those that are part of the United Kingdom. I have already made arrangements to have my belongings moved from the UK, but I need to make arrangements with any of the household national movers in Qatar. I anticipate that my belongings will arrive at the port near to Doha. Fortunately, Doha is where my new home is located. Does your company have the available resources to complete the move from the point of arrival to my new house? How much do you estimate this will cost and how long will it take you to complete this delivery? Does your company completely unpack the furnishings and the boxes? Or do you simply unpack and / or reassemble the furnishings? It does not matter, actually, as I can unpack the boxes myself. Do you provide the removal of the boxes and other packing materials after everything is unpacked? Thanks for sending me your company's information with the answers to my questions and with any other information you normally include as well.