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Household National movers in Philippines

Posted by: Carlos Benitos

Next month, I plan to move from Manila to San Fabian, and I am in need of the services of household national movers in the Philippines. Although I do have a little time before this move, I want to acquire as much information as possible so that I can properly plan for this move. I will also like to communicate with a member of your company so that we may coordinate our efforts. I am expressing a few questions for you here. I am certain there will be many more. How much do you typically charge to move a 2 bedroom dwelling across this distance? How soon can you start working with me to plan for this move? Do you provide any boxes or other packing supplies? Or must I obtain them elsewhere? Once you have moved my possessions to my new home, do you reassemble any furnishings that were disassembled for the move? Or must I do this myself? Thank you greatly for sending me your company's household moving information. Please send it to the email address I have provided here.