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Household National movers in Lithuania

Posted by: Adomas Laurinskas

Thank you for supplying me with a location that I can ask my questions to household national movers in Lithuania. Next month, I am moving from Kaunas to Utena, Lithuania. I am moving from a two bedroom house that is fully furnished. There is also an upstairs, which is where the bedrooms are located. I tell you this so you may be in a better position to give me an estimate that is more accurate. Each bedroom has a queen sized bed. They also have a dresser, two chests, a couple of smaller tables, and a couple of chairs. The living room has a sofa, two love seats, a rocking chair, 3 tables, a television, and a couple of corner knick knack cabinets. The dining room has a normal sized table, but it is heavy as it is solid wood. Rather than continue this itemized list, please let us discuss the details after I have had the chance to review the information you will send. I appreciate your sending it to my contact information I have included with this post. Thank you.