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Household National movers in Kuwait

Posted by: Mohammed Omani

I seek information about household national movers in Kuwait. This is a fairly simple move as I am only moving into Al Wafra from Kuwait City. Yet, it is a move that I am unable to complete on my own due to my work schedule. Therefore, I have posted here to seek your assistance. My current abode is a simple one bedroom apartment in the city. I should add that it is also located on the fifth floor so there will be some work involved in moving my possessions to the ground level to be loaded onto your truck. How much can you estimate your moving charge will be to complete this move? My timing is not that urgent, but I would like to be moved into my new home within the next couple of weeks. Is this possible for your company to do? I do have a few items that are breakable. Do you guarantee your work in that you will not damage or break any of my belongings? Thank you for sending this information to my email address.