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Residential National movers in Hungary

Posted by: Gabriel Volnackian

I am preparing to move from Moscow, Russia at some time in the next month. The reason I have posted here is to ask for information about residential national movers to Hungary. The move will begin from my current two bedroom apartment that is located within the Moscow city limits. How soon can your company begin working on this move? If possible, I want to have the arrangements in place within the next couple of weeks. So if you can send your information to me as soon as possible, that will be greatly appreciated. Since this will be an international move, how is the customs documents supposed to work? I know about the visas and all, but what about my furnishings that I am moving? Are there any special requirements that must be met before we arrive at the border crossing? I have many other questions, but I am confident your information is thorough enough that it will answer most of them. Please send it direct to my email address that I have included with this forum posting. Thank you for this.