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Household National movers in Czech Republic

Posted by: Urlin Hartsoff

I am moving from Lithuania next month and I need information about household national movers in Czech Republic who can assist me in completing this move. Does your company operate in both Lithuania and the Czech Republic? If not, can your company work with a different company at various stages of this move? My move is from a two bedroom house that includes the typical bedroom furnishings as well as a standard sized sofa in the living room. I stated this as such since these are the locations of the two largest pieces of furniture that I own, my beds and my sofa. I also have to pack many things in boxes. Do you provide the boxes? How soon would your company be available to schedule a move? How long will it take you to complete it? Do you provide proper padding to everything so that nothing will be damaged during this move? Please send your company's information including a contact number so that I may speak with someone about the details. Thank you for doing this.