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Household National movers in Croatia

Posted by: Ursula Polnachec

I am planning to move from my current home here in Paris, France, next month and I need information from household national movers in Croatia who can complete this move for me within the next month. I have the furnishings that are typical of a 4 bedroom house, and each of the bedrooms has its own bedroom suite to move. I also have a large dining room set, that has special significance to me so I hope it will not be damaged during the move. Can you guarantee you will not damage my furnishings? When would your company be available to begin this move? When you contact me, can you also provide a quote as to how much you will charge to complete this move? If possible, I would like to hire your company to pack most of my belongings. How much will you charge to provide this service? I have included my direct contact information for you to send this information. Thank you for sending it to me as soon as possible. I want to complete the planning for this move within the next couple of weeks.