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Residential National movers in China

Posted by: Chin Rhuan

Greetings. I seek the services of residential national movers in China who can move my possessions from Beijing to Shanghai next month. If your company would be available, then please contact me soon as I need to complete this move within the next couple of weeks. Can you work with this schedule? I am moving to be nearer my aging parents. And my new job in Shanghai will begin in three weeks. This is why the urgency to complete this move. My present dwelling is a two bedroom apartment. I have two beds to move, as well as the corresponding furnishings within each bedroom of a couple of tables, chests, and so forth. My living room has a large screen television, a sofa, a couple of chairs, and tables. Does your company provide the packing materials that are necessary to pack my belongings? Will this packing material also protect them from being damaged during shipping? How soon can you begin preparing this move? Would you have an estimate as to how much you will charge me? Thanks for sending me the information.