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National furniture movers in Russia

Posted by: Jeff Thomas

I am living and working in Russia and want to get some solid, sturdy, antique furniture moved from one part of Russia to another. If I was still in the States, I would know how to arrange for a moving company to pick up, pack and move the stuff for me. Or, I could just rent a truck and do it myself. Here, I am having quite a good bit of trouble figuring out how to get everything moved from one city to another without any loss or damage. Anyone have any experience moving furniture from one part of Russia to another? I do not want to hire some local guy to go pick it up for me. I really want a good, solid national mover with a great reputation. I am not going to be able to go back to where the furniture is with them to oversee the process, so whoever I use has to be trustworthy enough to take care of the whole process, end to end.