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Household National movers in Norway

Posted by: Ural Klont

Are there any household national movers in Norway who can help me with a move that I am planning for next month? I am moving from Oslo to Bergen and due to the distance involved, I know that I will be unable to complete this move on my own. This is why I have posted here to ask for your help in completing this move. I am moving from a two bedroom apartment. I do have the typical two bedroom furnishings. I also have a den that includes two large book cases. Each of these book cases cover the wall that they are set in front of. So these are large book cases. This also means that I will need many boxes in order to pack the many books that I have. Does your company provide the boxes and any packing materials that I will need to do this? How much do you charge for these boxes and packing materials? Can you provide me with an estimate of how much you will charge me for this move? I appreciate your sending me this information. Thanks.