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Oversized Freight National movers in Japan

Posted by: Paul Kyomoso

My company needs information from oversized freight national movers in Japan who can safely and efficiently move this freight from Koch to Nara, Japan. This freight is oversized and will extend beyond the edges of standard flatbed or double drop deck semi-trailer. Your company should be specialists in moving such a large piece of equipment. The equipment to be moved is a bulldozer. This particular piece of equipment has not left this location since it was delivered here shortly after it was purchased. We need to move it to another facility, which is why it must now be relocated. The dozer weighs approximately 49 tons, so your equipment must be capable of handling this weight as well as the oversize. Please email me with your company's shipping information that includes your rates, your time to delivery, your experience in handling such loads, and the type of equipment you will use to complete this delivery. The sooner we can receive this information, the sooner we can make the necessary arrangements with the various localities in obtaining any necessary permits. Thank you for your prompt attention to this.