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Freight National movers in Korea (South)

Hiet Ama

Hello my good friends. I seek the services of freight national movers in Korea (South). If there are any companies here who offer this service please send me an email. I have freight to move. My company has been awarded a contract that will keep us busy for the next several weeks. This means we will have a weekly shipment that will originate from our facility at Busan and will be destined for Seoul. Each week, if your company can provide us with an empty trailer and a truck to pickup the loaded trailer, we can keep this freight moving until the end of the winter at least. Can your company commit to such an arrangement? How much will you charge to pickup and deliver this freight? How long will it take for you to complete the delivery after you have picked up the freight at our facility? Can you deliver this freight undamaged? Thank you for your emails.