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Are there any residential national movers in Seychelles who can accept the delivery of my furnishings and complete my move? I plan to move to Victoria, Seychelles, from Paris, France next month, and I would really like to have my moving plans completed as soon as possible. Is it too much trouble for you to send me any information you have about the moving services that your company provides? Everything that I am moving to Seychelles, will be boxed, or otherwise packaged for the journey. Therefore, the only services that I need from your company will be to pickup my belongings, move them to my new home, and offload them from your equipment and take them inside. I will unpack everything myself. How much will you charge me to do this? How far in advance do you require notice of my arrival? My personal email address is included with this post, so please send your information to that address. Thank you for your kind and prompt response to my inquiry.