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Residential National movers in South Africa

Good day! I seek the services of competent residential national movers in South Africa. The move from Johannesburg to Cape Town should be completed within a couple of weeks from the time we contract with your company to complete it. Although, this move will not occur until next month, we want to have everything lined up so that our move will proceed as smoothly as possible. Can you provide an estimate of how much you will charge to complete the move? We will move from a three bedroom house, and have the furnishings that are typical of most any other home of this size. We do have several loose items that must be prepared for the move with proper padding and boxing. Does your company provide packing services? Do you also provide any packing materials that may be necessary? How would you suggest we prepare some of our antique items for this move? These items are quite old and we want to protect them as much as possible. Please also include your company's direct contact information as well for we will want to discuss the details before we hire your company to complete the move. Thanks.