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Residential National movers in Ireland

I am planning to move so I seek the services of residential national movers in Ireland who can complete this move by the end of this month. I would also like information on if your company provides the packing services, or if you only provide the packing materials. Please tell me how much either of these services would cost as well. We are moving from a three bedroom house to a four bedroom house in Dublin, Ireland. We have the typical furnishings of this size house. Yet, we are expanding when we move into our larger home. How much do you charge to move from one side of Dublin, Ireland, to the other side of the city? Do you charge extra to disassemble a pool table? Can you promise me you will move my belongings in an undamaged state? Can you also move the items in my garage? Or would that be an additional charge? Please email your information to me soon, as I want to have this move completed asap. Thanks.