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After 25 years in the same house, I must prepare to relocate my family. This is not the easiest of decisions and I have procrastinated it for far too long. I need to move from Pori to Helsinki, and I would like to have this move completed by the end of next month, if you can fit this move into your schedule. My home furnishings will be from a 6 bedroom house that is 3 stories in height. Each bedroom has a full complement of furnishings including bed, dresser, chests, and a walk-in closet in each. I also have to move a large dining room table plus hutch. I also required enough boxes and packing materials to pack. I am guessing the need for about 50 or 60 boxes. Does your company offer packing services, or only the packing materials? Can you send me an estimate on about how much this move will cost? Also, can you give me an idea of when you will have this move completed? Can you also guarantee there will be no damaged items during this move? Please email your answers to these questions as well as your complete information packet. Thank you so much.