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Furniture National movers in Belgium from Brussels

I am posting here to request information about furniture national movers in Belgium from Brussels. I must move from Brussels to Gent by the end of this month. Therefore, I must request your prompt attention to my request as I must schedule this move quickly and I want the chance to thoroughly review your information beforehand. Firstly, I have a three bedroom house of which I must have the contents packed and ready to move within the next couple of weeks. Does your company include packing in with your quotations? If so, then please include this when you send me your quote. How long do you think it will take to move my possessions to Gent? Can you guarantee you can have this move completed by the deadline? Are there assurances that nothing will be damaged during the move? Please also include your direct contact information as there are many details to be coordinated so this move is completed smoothly. So please email me your info and we can make any arrangements from that point. Thank you for this.