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When I move from Paris next month I want residential national movers in Portugal to complete my move to my native Lisbon. Can your company come to Paris to load my furnishings and everything else? Or must I arrange for a local mover to pack it all, and meet your company at the Portugal and France border? It would be better if your company can complete the move from the beginning. How much will you charge for this move? Once at the destination, will your company unpack my belongings? Or will you simple drop off everything at my new home and then it is up to me to do? I ask so that I will know how to prepare for the move. Please be sure to have enough padding as I have 7 paintings and some fine furniture that I am a bit concerned with how they will fare on this move. Please email me with this and any other information that you normally send to your prospective customers who seek to use your moving services. Thank you.