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Residential National movers in Austria

Thank you for responding to my inquiry into residential national movers in Austria. I plan to move from Vienna, Austria, to Linz, Austria, next month. This is where I need your help. I am moving from an eight bedroom house in Vienna, to a smaller 4 bedroom house in Linz. I have already sold or given away many of my furnishings and belongings as I will not have the space available in my new home. However, what I am moving, I must have packed by your company as I work long hours and I lack the available time to complete this task. Can your company pack my belongings? I estimate I will need a minimum of 34 regular sized boxes and enough padding material to secure their contents. Your company does provide the padding material, do you not? I also have a large living room sofa that does not break down into smaller pieces. Therefore, it is necessary to manipulate it through any doorways and passages that are encountered. Perhaps it would be easier to describe everything that I must move by communicating more directly. So when you email me, please include your contact information as well.