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I seek the guidance of insured national movers in Germany who are experienced in moving property that is considered as high value. I am arranging the shipping for a trade show that my company is putting together. This move will require packing and moving the show from its origin here in Hamburg, to its final destination at Munich. The show will endure approximately three weeks from start to finish so your company should be committed to remaining for the duration. The contents you would be required to pack, move, unpack, and so on are electronic products. This is part of the reason this is considered as a high value move. Due to the nature of the move, we do require that the mover who contracts with us be insured as we want your guarantees that you will not only safely deliver these products to each location on the trade show route, but that you will also abide by the contract terms of your remaining with the show for the duration. Would your company commit to this on these terms? Please email me direct with your company's information including experience and contact information. Thanks.