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Good day! I need to move my belongings from Christchurch to Auckland so I am here to request information on residential national movers in New Zealand. I plan to move next month, so I have a little time to collect the information on how to make this move go smoothly. Well, at least I hope that it will anyway. I am moving from a one bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom house, so I should have plenty of room to spare once I arrive. I will have one bedroom suite that contains a king-sized bed. It also includes a dresser and a night stand. I need to have several boxes as I have accumulated a lot of loose stuff over the past couple of years so I need to box it all up before I move. Does your company provide the packing materials, or should I obtain it from another company? If you will also include with the information you send to my email address, an estimated cost and about how long it will take for you to move me, I will appreciate it. Thanks.