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I need to relocate from Sydney to Perth next month. Therefore, I am in need of furniture national movers in Australia who are capable of completing this move for me. The reason I say furniture, is because that is the bulk of what I need to move. Yes, I have several boxes that include other items, but I have accumulated more than my share of furniture. Let me explain. In addition to my own furniture that I have purchased over time, I am also somewhat of a collector. All this means is that I shop for antiques and other hard to find furniture items. Sort of as a side, I restore these items and resell them. Although my current home is great, I have the need to move nearer to my aging parents. Therefore, I must relocate everything I own. Since I have furniture items of varying sizes and shapes, I will need to discuss my needs directly with your company's representative. Therefore, in addition to information you submit by email, I also need your company's contact information as well.