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My husband and I must move from Dallas, Texas to Albany, New York due to his recent work transfer. We need a reliable national movers in United States to make this move. Although we have moved many times over the past few years, this will be our longest distance move. The reason we posted this questions is that we need information that will help us make the right decision as to how to pack and how to best prepare our furnishings and other belongings for the move. We will be moving from a 4 bedroom home that will also include the furnishings from a den, dining room, kitchen, and two-vehicle garage. Perhaps our largest in-house item we need to move is our dining room table. It is very old and is about 12 ft in length. Of course, we have the usual inventory of dishes, cookware, children's toys, and a rather large entertainment center. If you respond with the information we seek, please also include a rough estimate of the overall cost of this move. Thank you for reading my request and I look forward to reading your replies.