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National movers in United Arab Emirates

Are there any national movers in United Arab Emirates? I am an exchange student and I will be attending university in United Arab Emirates for the next 3 years. This means I will need to take everything that I need with me. Yes, I know that I could take only what I need and get other things once I'm there, but there are several things like my computer and other electronic equipment that I just cannot live without for 3 years. This is why I need to know if there is a mover that can collect my belongings once they clear customs and deliver it to the university, which is many miles from the airport. I need this information pretty soon as my transfer documentation is nearly complete. Also, when you email me with this information, please include not only the pricing, but also what I need to know about how long it will take for the movers to deliver my stuff to the university. Thanks for the info.